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Created Tue, 26 Apr 2022 10:02:44 +0100

Framework Laptop

My MBP decided the touchbar and bridgeos was going to basiclly blow up, so because of this I decided it was time I tried to daily drive linux again

I bought a framework laptop with the following specs

  • i7-1165G7
  • 64Gb DDR4-3200
  • 1TB SN850
  • US Keyboard
  • UK PowerSupply
  • Expansions
    • MicroSD
    • 250Gb
    • DisplayPort
    • 2x USB-C
    • USB-A

I decided to get the UK powersupply so that my wife could keep using my MBPs for her work laptop and it means that I have a pretty small power supply that can also be used with my soldering iron

Order Experience

So I wouldn’t say that purchasing the laptop was the smoothest experience, I put this down to the fact that the company hasn’t been around for very long, there is a war going on, and there is a global chip shortage, and a pandemic is still going on, but some of the communication could have been better

So I ordered my laptop on the 4th of March (I originally ordered on the 15th of Feb, but had to cancel that order) the “Batch” I was in was supposed to be delivered at the end of March

I experienced a few delays,

  • on the 31st of March, I got an email saying that due to a covid issue, the packaging, and at the same time a national holiday in Taiwan, so my order would be delayed for at least 4 days
  • on the 8th of April, I got an email saying that due to the global chip shortage my hdd wasn’t in stock, and my ordered would be delayed for at least 4 more days

You will have noticed that 4 days seem to be missing on when there was no communication of if my order was being dealt with, I finally got a shipping notice on 13th and then my laptop arrived on the 20th

Laptop Experience

I decided that because I was going to daily drive Linux, I went with EndevourOS as my dist of choice, this is based on Arch with a few tweaks

I went with XFCE as my DE, but quickly decided to change to Sway, now what I should have done is reinstalled the OS with Sway as a choice, because Endevour has a Sway option which could have saved my some time, but all of my stuff works despite doing it manually when I didn’t have to

I hit one big problem which is that my eGPU didn’t/doesn’t really work with the laptop this is more of a linux issue, because people have got it working fine on Windows, so I am instead using an Anker Apex as my dock to connect to my peripherals, and a thunderbolt->displayport

now you might be thinking why am I not using the displayport expansion card, well at the same time as this happening my new work laptop arrived which is an M1 and cant use the eGPU at all, so in order to swap between I went with a cable so that I could use the full resolution (Apex doesnt support 5120x1440 over HDMI)


Would I recommend a Framework laptop, I would have to say yes and no, if you need a laptop tomorrow, then no a Framework laptop won’t arrive in time, if you want something that has some cool features and an okay keyboard and an interesting aspect ratio screen then yes

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