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  1. Dracula Theme Well I have officially been made one of the maintainers of the Dracula theme, specificlly the HyprLand, Sway Notification Center, and Waybar, also at time of writing being considered for SwayLock How did this Happen Chance, I create a couple of PRs for Dracula-UI, and made the official Textarea part, because of this I have been on the discord for a while, then a member noticed that the old maintainer had deleted their Github account,

  2. SteamDeck woes Here is my timeline, I ordered the steamdeck very quickly after announcement 256Gb Reserved - 16th July 2021 Email and Paid - 25th July 2022 Shipping - 29th July 2022 Arrived - 3rd August 2022 Steam Deck died - 28th August 2022 (it never had a fan that was below 7k RPM, so my guess is it overheated) Steam Support contacted -30th August 2022 (there were 4 seperate methods to see if it could be reset and work) RMA initiated - 8th September 2022 Steam Deck Sent back - 12th September 2022 (needed to confirm it was replacement not refund) Steam Deck Replacement Shipping Email - 20th September 2022 Steam Deck Replacement Arrived - 24th September 2022 Fails to boot, does “steamdeck login (tty)” - 2nd July 2023 Support contacted - 4th July RMA initiated - 5th July So I’ve had 2 steamdecks and not quite been 1 year since my original arrived, and ill be on my 3rd soon


  3. Cluster Update My kubernetes cluster runs on a mix of RaspberryPI 4s, and x86(AMD64) machines, but because I built it originally with only the raspberrys, my control plane was on a PI Well that was working fine for nearly 2 years, but the SD card on the control plane died, which wasn’t a good time So I decided to what I always do, and go nuts Spending spree So I purchased a few things to tackle this issue


  4. Old iPads with a Modern Use I have gone quite heavy into home automation, not too extreme (mainly because I don’t have a lot of automated products) but enough that it has made an impact on my life, I have the following automations Automatic lights in a few rooms Kitchen: the light comes on when you enter the room, and only turns off after it has been vacant for 5 minutes (if your stood at the stove and haven’t moved much I don’t want the light to go off) Dining Room: light comes on when you go past a sensor in the hall/stairs (there isn’t a sensor in the dining room) Living Room: light comes on when you enter the room, and goes off if there is no activity for 5 minutes and the TV isn’t on (sat at the sofa watching something shouldn’t turn the lights off) Stairs: Turn on when you enter the stairs either from the top or the bottom, turn off after 1 minute of no activity Bedroom: Turn on in the morning, turn off when everyone “should” have left the bedroom Future plans There are plans for future automations, every room has a temperature sensor in it, and will have wall heaters (I live in the UK) that turn on when the sensor detects the temperature not the heater detecting the temperature, this is to avoid it thinking “I’m nice and warm and 10ft from the nearest person screw them”

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  5. Inverse Images in Mailspring So I run most apps in darkmode, and this can lead to a few issues, namely in Mailspring which does darkmode in the “easy” method, which is to inverse(100%) everything now this makes general emails really easy, the problem is when you get to images, because inversed images are horrible to look at So I got bored over new year, and decided I was sick of looking at them, and because I use Dracula for everything, I set off on my journey

    darkmode Mailspring Dracula

  6. Well that was annoying So I run arch on my framework, and because I’m slightly an idiot I didn’t have linux/linux-headers in the do not upgrade filter, now thats a lesson I won’t forget soon I did the standard upgrade, which brought with it the latest (5.9.12) kernel with it, wish I remembered it did that, because when I rebooted, my display no longer worked, and once it got to sway, and didn’t initiate the eGPU, my FPS on sway was about 0.

    linux framework

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