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  • Old iPads with a Modern Use I have gone quite heavy into home automation, not too extreme (mainly because I don’t have a lot of automated products) but enough that it has made an impact on my life, I have the following automations Automatic lights in a few rooms Kitchen: the light comes on when you enter the room, and only turns off after it has been vacant for 5 minutes (if your stood at the stove and haven’t moved much I don’t want the light to go off) Dining Room: light comes on when you go past a sensor in the hall/stairs (there isn’t a sensor in the dining room) Living Room: light comes on when you enter the room, and goes off if there is no activity for 5 minutes and the TV isn’t on (sat at the sofa watching something shouldn’t turn the lights off) Stairs: Turn on when you enter the stairs either from the top or the bottom, turn off after 1 minute of no activity Bedroom: Turn on in the morning, turn off when everyone “should” have left the bedroom Future plans There are plans for future automations, every room has a temperature sensor in it, and will have wall heaters (I live in the UK) that turn on when the sensor detects the temperature not the heater detecting the temperature, this is to avoid it thinking “I’m nice and warm and 10ft from the nearest person screw them”
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