• Another project So I decided to create another project, this was mainly to re-learn react, and to get back into the swing of things, so what is it Well if you can’t guess by the title, its a todo-list, specifically Todo-List.app Features Entirly private, encryption happens in browser Storage is only of the encrypted form Login is using Keycloak, so no “real” details are retained Export/Import todo.txt Unfinished features Project support (its a very simple todo, only items and sub-items atm) Github Link
    todo-list chewedfeed projects Created Tue, 19 Dec 2023 08:18:04 +0000
  • Retro Board Well I’ve started another project, retro-board.it this is just going to be a very simple app, that has a couple of options Initial Signin Ask the user what the Company name is, this is to create a subdomain with that company name (if it doesnt already exist) if the company name already exists then enter the password for the domain Ask the user for a Team name Ask if they would like to use single sign-on (Google | Github) or accounts Team Board Setup The team board starts with the following options
    retro-board projects chewedfeed Created Mon, 06 Dec 2021 15:31:36 +0000
  • This is a bug tracking system, any time an error happens on your site it tells bugfixes in the agent for your language, then if the error occurs quickly or once in a while it informs the user some how nothing is public yet (the javascript version released needs fixing) Planned languages supported * Go * Javascript * Swift Planned notification systems * Auto-create tickets * Jira * YouTrack * Jetbrains Space * GitHub * Channel messages * Slack * Microsoft Teams * Jetbrains Space * Email GitHub Link
    bugfixes projects chewedfeed Created Wed, 13 Oct 2021 15:05:44 +0100
  • This project is so that I can deploy projects into my cluster using github pipelines now that sounds simle enough, except there aren’t any (from my limited research) deployment agents for kubernetes that work on arm So whats my plan, well this system works thus Method There is a github action that is triggered in your pipeline, this talks to an orchestrator on k8sdeploy the orchestrator then sends a message to a queue with a topic for an agent that has been registered by you for your cluster
    k8sdeploy projects kubernetes chewedfeed Created Wed, 13 Oct 2021 15:05:44 +0100