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  1. ArchLinux NerdCTL Arch is a lot like Slackware and Gentoo, whilst it does have a package manager, you have to know what you want before things work so NerdCTL has the ability to use buildkit to install stuff on multi-arch but that isn’t as easy as you would like and as such there are a few things that need installing to make it work Steps This will need YAY (well there are others but if you copy paste then its yay)

    framework nerdctl arch kubernetes linux

  2. Framework Laptop My MBP decided the touchbar and bridgeos was going to basiclly blow up, so because of this I decided it was time I tried to daily drive linux again I bought a framework laptop with the following specs i7-1165G7 64Gb DDR4-3200 1TB SN850 US Keyboard UK PowerSupply Expansions MicroSD 250Gb DisplayPort 2x USB-C USB-A I decided to get the UK powersupply so that my wife could keep using my MBPs for her work laptop and it means that I have a pretty small power supply that can also be used with my soldering iron

    framework laptop arch linux

  3. Mistakes were made Well I’ve had a fun weekend, on one side I “finally” caught covid and as such my concentration levels were very low, now that doesn’t make up for what I did but at least I have 1/2 an out What happened I decided to do a little cleaning up of my kubernetes cluster, and decided that I should remove some deployments that weren’t in use, that was going fine, but then I decided to try and move some of the things that were more “central” to their correct namespace,


  4. Retro Board Update Well after a couple of months of coding ive got about 50% through doing reto-board, major progress has been made, it is now techniclly possible to sign up for it, you can’t yet make any boards, but there an example version of what a board will look like non of the functionality works in the example it took quite a while for me to get the login to work, and the main reason to that is undocumented bits that I had to get working myself, for example “can I do this / userAllowed” is not a standard feature it seems at least not in the golang libraries for keycloak, so I had to go down a very long and winding path

    retro-board projects

  5. K3OS K3OS is kinda self explanitory if you know what K3s is, if not then k3OS is Rancher’s k3s which is a kubernetes compatible version but a lot smaller Why did I tell you that Well now that bit is out of the way, I upgraded ubuntu on one of my raspberry pi 3’s, and at the same time upgraded k3s to the latest version, and that pi became almost impossible to use with kubernetes, pods failing all the time,


  6. Issue So you are already using RancherDesktop and NerdCTL from the betas congrats, but you want to use the multi-platform build so you need to update Rancher and Nerd, well thats where the issue exists, Lima doesnt update NerdCTL automatically so you need to update your instances version Fix First you need to get into the instance LIMA_HOME=/Users/<username>/Library/Application\ Support/rancher-desktop/lima \ /Applications/Rancher\ \ shell 0 sudo --preserve-env=CONTAINERD_ADDRESS sh Now that your in the instance, you need to update NerdCTL

    nerdctl kubernetes macOS

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