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  1. Integrating Vault with 1Password in Kubernetes I decided that I should probably get a real handle on my passwords and secrets in kubernetes, since kubernetes is not very good at keeping secrets So I don’t generally take a helm chart or kube-schema at face value, this has more to do with I prefer to keep things in their own namespace rather than in “default”, because of this I tend to clone the chart first

  2. Well I’ve decided that I should probably learn kubernetes, so I built a raspberry pi cluster Home

  3. Well I finally pulled the plug and bought a Planck, rather than build my own though I went with a Planck EZ also rather than buy 1 like any sensible person, when it costs nearly 300 quid, I bought 2 and because obviously I’m npt to be trusted I decided to flash one and learn Workman, I have a couple of firmwares if anyone else is insane like me Workman this layout is workman, but also moves the numbers on the upper layer to a reverse T pattern is the easiest way to explain it

  4. I decided that I should stick all my aliases and functions that I use into a zsh plugin, that way I can maintain it separately Github Home

  5. Progress has been slow to start with, but that should now speed up I have finished the authorizer, and moved the storage system to Postgres from Dynamo, the main reason for that is that a lot of the data is relational so it makes sense to put it in a relational database Nest This is the service where all CRUD operations take place, it is also what triggers Hive Hive This is the service that works out what to do with a bug, is it a new one, has it happened before, is it happening frequently, it also triggers the notification system

  6. I have decided to go back to and re-start development mainly this is due to me needing a common bug/issue tracking system (this is not a ticket system like jira) tracks bugs, so if a bug is sent to the system and it hasn’t been seen before or was seen a long time ago, or is happening a lot in a short period of time it creates a ticket / notification so development on it can be tracked/done

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