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  • SteamDeck woes Here is my timeline, I ordered the steamdeck very quickly after announcement 256Gb Reserved - 16th July 2021 Email and Paid - 25th July 2022 Shipping - 29th July 2022 Arrived - 3rd August 2022 Steam Deck died - 28th August 2022 (it never had a fan that was below 7k RPM, so my guess is it overheated) Steam Support contacted -30th August 2022 (there were 4 seperate methods to see if it could be reset and work) RMA initiated - 8th September 2022 Steam Deck Sent back - 12th September 2022 (needed to confirm it was replacement not refund) Steam Deck Replacement Shipping Email - 20th September 2022 Steam Deck Replacement Arrived - 24th September 2022 Fails to boot, does “steamdeck login (tty)” - 2nd July 2023 Support contacted - 4th July RMA initiated - 5th July So I’ve had 2 steamdecks and not quite been 1 year since my original arrived, and ill be on my 3rd soon
    steamdeck Created Wed, 05 Jul 2023 10:23:27 +0100